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Seventh Framework Programme - Capacities EU Funding


Table 1 shows figures regarding the budget pertaining to SMEs  - Silvex (SVX), BioBag (BB), ICS Environment (ICSE) and end-users  -  Hortofrutícolas Campelos (HC), Olivier Mandeville (OM) and Explotaciones Agrarias Garrido Mora (EAGM). The table indicates expected costs for each partner, the European Union contribution and the portion of that amount that will be paid to Universities and Research Centres (UCI), for conducting subcontracted scientific work.


& End-Users
Budget by category (€)
Staff Direct Costs Indirect Costs Total EU Contribution Payment to UCI’s
SVX 99.925 65.148< 99.044 784.190 592.763 520.073
BB 70.000 18.500 26.550 421.672 306.657 306.622
ICSE 17.500 3.500 12.600 126.589 93.449 92.089
HC 4.160 0 2.496 6.656 3.584 0
OM 14.175 0 8.505 22.680 12.600 0
EAGM 2.925 0 1.755 4.680 2.600 0
TOTAL 208.685 87.148 150.950 1.366.467 1.011.653 919.684


Table 1 – Budget by category of SMEs and End Users.


Legal incentives to using biodegradable plastics
in agriculture


The “National strategy for sustainable operational programmes of organisations of fruit and vegetable growers” (September 2009), includes the action “7.6 Use of biodegradable plastics.




The “Directrices Nacionales para la elaboración de los pliegos de condiciones referentes a las medidas medioambientales” (July 2009), considers “Acción 7.19. Utilización en la explotación de plásticos oxobiodegradables y biodegradables”.




The “Orden Foral 393/2009”, dated 7 August, regarding “La Consejera de Desarollo Rural y Medio Ambiente”, later amended by the “Orden Foral” 474/2009, dated 28 September, sets forth the standards governing the granting of aid for fostering the mulch film technique with biodegradable plastic in agriculture. Such aid does not include non-biodegradable materials such as “oxo-biodegradable”, “photo-thermodegradable” and their variants.




The “Stratégie Nationale en Matière de Programmes Opérationnels à caractère durable”, as part of the environmental measures for soil preservation, considers the support to the placement of plant or biodegradable mulch, through action “3.5.3 Mise en place d'un paillage végétal ou biodégradable en cultures maraîchères”.