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Seventh Framework Programme - Capacities EU Funding


The mulch film to be developed in the AGROBIOFILM project is obtained from the Mater-Bi® raw material, produced by Novamont, an Italian company dedicated to the quest for environmentally correct alternatives to polyethylene-based plastics. Mater-Bi® was the first biodegradable and compostable biopolymer ever created. Novamont protects its raw material with over 50 patents.


The biodegradation of Mater-Bi® products was certified by several organisations (AIB Vinçotte, in Belgium; DIN Certco, in Germany; Istituto Italiano Plastici, in Italy), in accordance with international standards (EN 13432, DIN 54900, UNI 10785). The non-toxicity of Mater-Bi® products was certified by the Belgian Institute OWS (Organic Waste System), as part of the “OK Compost” certification, using eco-toxicity tests, carried out with both plants and animals.


The mulch film to be developed throughout the AGROBIOFILM project will have its biodegradability and compostability tested according to standards EN 13432 and NFU 52001.


The corn starch used for manufacturing the biodegradable mulch film does not undergo any kind of change at DNA level. No genetically-modified organism is used throughout the entire manufacturing process, and so the Agrobiofilm is certified as GMO free.